Taking the "Ouch!" out of your lawn. 

We offer a range of lawn treatments to help you create a beautiful, prickle-free lawn.
Starting with our specialist Prickle Removal service, we can83140005 also use this time to give your property a Round-Up treatment and finish with a good Fertilising of your entire lawn.

If you use our Online Booking form here we will then give you a call to give you a cost estimate and book in the appropriate lawn treatments you require.

Prickle Removal.

We select the best treatment formula specifically for your lawn. Our blanket coverage
system effectively gets rid of Onehunga weed (also known as prickle weed), Docks,
Daisies, Dandelions and most broadleaf weeds.83140012

The best time to give us a call is any time from late winter to early November, depending on the soil composition and climate of your region. The sooner we treat your lawn, the sooner you can enjoy the results!

Here are a few photos of prickles and weeds that you may recognise in your lawn:

83160004 83160005 83160006 83160007
83160008 83160009 83160010 83160011 

If you have any of these in your lawn then Call Us today or complete our Online Booking form here and we will call you!


83160003We use a standard Round-Up product to remove other unwanted weed growth around the edges of your property or in problem areas such as paths, driveways or cobblestone areas.

This is a very quick service that we can easily provide during our standard Prickle Removal visit.



Many of our regular customers also ask us to give their lawn a quick application of fertiliser before we leave. As with our Round-Up treatment service, we are happy to provide this additional service as part of our standard Prickle Removal visit.






prickle-free-guarantee-slanted100% Guaranteed.

Our prickle treatment formula is designed to keep your lawn prickle-free all summer long. Of course, you can't immediately see our work after we've finished but you will certainly notice most weeds (Onehunga weed and prickleweed) start wilting within a few days.

If at any time, from the date of your Prickleman annual treatment to the rescheduled date for your next treatment, you are not completely satisfied with the results then call or email us here and we will go out of our way to find a suitable solution with you.

That's what we call a no-nonsense, personal Prickleman Guarantee.