Take one average lawn.


We will give you a more accurate cost based on your lawn size and specific requirements ie. Other Treatments requested, when you Call Us or complete our Online Booking form here. However,

here's a rough guide to help you appreciate what great value our services offer.

Approximate size of your section/lawn area*:

• Small (less than 600m2) = Normally about $65 to $75

• Medium (about 600m2-900m2) = Normally about $75 to $95

• Large (over 900m2-1200m2) = Normally about $95 to $135

• Extra Large (2000m2) = Normally $135+

• Lifestyle Block = Quoted at time of enquiry or booking.

*Additional costs may apply for awkward sections, corner sites, chemicals or fertiliser used & travel distance etc.


Now you do the maths.

83140019Our specialist treatment equipment allows us to blanket treat your entire lawn more efficiently and effectively than any other system currently available on the market.

Prickleman Treatment DIY Treatment

• Time to complete form = 2mins

• Time to confirm booking = 2mins

Cost of average lawn = $75


• Return trip to DIY store to buy formula etc = 30mins

• 2x packs of formula = $60

• Weed sprayer = $15

• Time to treat lawn using standard
   sprayer = 1 day

• Time to retreat areas you missed = ½ day

Total cost of lost weekend = Priceless!

 Spray coverage demonstration on driveway                       

prickle-free-guarantee-slanted100% Guaranteed.

Our prickle treatment formula is designed to keep your lawn prickle-free all summer long. Of course, you can't immediately see our work after we've finished but you will certainly notice most weeds (Onehunga weed and prickleweed) start wilting within a few days.

If at any time, from the date of your Prickleman annual treatment to the rescheduled date for your next treatment, you are not completely satisfied with the results then call or email us here and we will go out of our way to find a suitable solution with you.

That's what we call a no-nonsense, personal Prickleman Guarantee.